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Montreal’s premier destination for diamonds, jewelry, watches and pens!

Everest Offers More Ways Than Ever To Celebrate! Whether you’re getting married, Celebrating a milestone, or simply want to reward yourself…

Since 1950, EVEREST is Montreal’s top destination for luxury items no matter what the occasion.

Learn why Everest Jewellers is Montreal’s most trusted diamond and watch store…

We first started out on Lajeunesse Street in 1950, in the north end of Montreal. As a matter of fact we’re still here at the same address, some 65 years and three generations later. We’ve always catered to fine clients, including those who’ve trusted us with their most precious moments year after year. You could say we’re quite generational, having seen fathers and sons and sons of their own come in and peruse our vast assortment of fine watches, jewelry and luxury products.

We’re an integral part of so many “Will you?” and “I do’s”… that we can indeed say that WEDDINGS and EVEREST are one and the same. Shopping for an engagement ring or for weddings rings has never been as easy. Come in and see why Everest is your wedding specialist.

You could also say that Everest has time. Time to spend with you as you select from the most impressive line of watches available anywhere in the greater Montreal area. If you have time to come in, we literally have the time for you!

The personalized experience we offer at Everest is equal to none as our knowledgeable sales consultants are here to answer your every question and deliver on our promise of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Assisting you throughout your purchasing experience, we’ll help you select just the right piece and take care of the creation process in order to deliver breathtaking works of art that will be cherished by you and yours for years to come.

Whatever’s on your list, we’d more than welcome the opportunity to show you why we’ve been a part of the family for generations.

Everest is synonym of the highest peak, which for us translates into the highest standards of quality, service and selection available in the greater Montreal area.

When you’ve made it to the top, know that you’ve arrived at Everest.

When you’ve been in business as long as we have, you understand the meaning of trust. Not only are you getting outstanding quality, you’re getting 65 years of knowledge and expertise.
When you shop at Everest, you know you are getting the “real deal”. All our products come with a certificate of authenticity, original packaging and sales receipt, all worthy of your investment.
Beware and compare when shopping elsewhere. At Everest, we offer exceptional diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones at fair market value. Expect “Blue Box” quality without the “Blue Box” price.

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Everest Trivia

Jewellery _Montreal_Everest _Jeweller

The Hope Diamond is a large carat deep-blue diamond. It is blue to the naked eye because of trace amounts of boron within its crystal structure. It is classified as a Type IIb diamond, and is notorious for supposedly being cursed. It has a long recorded history in which it changed hands numerous times on its way from India to France to Britain and to the United States. It has been described as the “most famous diamond in the world”.

Can you guess the actual carat weight?

  • 22.72 carats
  • 45.52 carats
  • 69.32 carats
  • 115.82 carats

Send us your answer!


Everest is the official jeweller of the Port of Montreal, we produce the Gold-Headed Cane, awarded to the captain of the first ocean-going vessel to reach the Port of Montreal at the start of each new year. The custom began in about 1840, some 10 years after the creation of the first Harbour Commission in 1830.


Everest produced the Stanley Cup Ring for the Montreal Canadians 1993 win.

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